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Secure File Sharing

Share files with encryption password protection, password protection, granular control of access, and 2-factor authentication. In just one click you can track the activity of your files. Trusted by over 12,000 companies around the world including Ericsson, Gusto, and BuzzFeed.

The shift to digital workspaces has transformed how we communicate, share information and collaborate with teams. Paper documents have been replaced with digital documents, whiteboards have been supplanted by collaborative project management tools, and email has been replaced with business communication applications. While technology has revolutionized how we work however, it also presents new security risks. Data breaches occur at an alarming rate, and many of them are due to poor file sharing practices.

Secure file sharing is an essential element of a strong security strategy for your business. It protects sensitive data, customer information and intellectual property from cybercriminals.

It is possible to securely share large files with colleagues and clients, whether they are working at home, at work or on the mobile. Secure file sharing services are simple to use and reliable, and support mobile and desktop platforms. You can also make use of the VPN (new window) to protect all your internet activity, keeping your data and communications secure. This is particularly beneficial when you are using public WiFi.

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