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Risk Assessment Tools

A Risk assessment tool is software that is designed to help businesses identify threats, assess their severity and formulate efficient mitigation strategies. These tools can also be used to improve internal communication processes, document control procedures and reduce operational costs.

Risk assessment software usually includes a matrix that helps businesses determine the likelihood of an event taking place and the impact it could have. It could be as simple as a grid of 3×3 or a 5×5 matrix however, best practice suggests the matrix to include both impact and likelihood scores. Businesses can also opt to include an „weighting“ feature to their risk matrix, in which they assign a different value to certain risks, based on the importance of the issue in question.

For instance, when evaluating the risk of a criminal (RAI) an investigator might take into account the impact of reoffending on the family, employment, and education as well as their antisocial cognition and the age at the time of sentencing. The majority of RAIs aren’t able to fully assess the ability to predict an individual’s risk of reoffending. They don’t take into account the impact of supportive interventions such as text message reminders of court dates.

It is often difficult to choose the best software for risk assessment, as there are many options available on the market. When selecting a risk assessment program, it is crucial to consider how much training will be required and whether or not the program can be used with other software that your company uses. It is also important to consider whether your software can monitor and report on every aspect of the risk management process.

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